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Tuesday News

#13 Proven to be Unlucky

by ryanfuller


It has been scientifically proven that the number thirteen is bad luck. Dr. Bruce explains, “It’s all based around the high and low¬†entropy¬†surrounding a situation that makes the number play a significant role in the outcome and how it is portrayed by the individuals involved and soon to be.”

For the number thirteen, the levels of entropy and the state of surrounding equilibriums work against each other and end up destroying any positive atmosphere. Among the large list of reasons why it’s lucky is it’s an odd number, it’s the first of the teen numbers, there are always thirteen black cats in a thirteen block radius, no middle school has over twelve stories, etc etc…

This discovery will start a major movement in how this world (may, can, will) work. Not only does this mean that the number thirteen is unlucky, but it opens up the gate to discovering the reality of luck and whether you can control it. “While we found out how the number thirteen is unlucky, our next step is to look at more variables and the events surrounding them to see what the reactions are,” Dr. Bruce continues, “we may come to a point where we will be able to control luck itself and completely avoid bad luck.” But is this ideal? Living with the ability of controllable luck is individually a paradise of an idea, but questions arise as to whether the world is ready for such a thing. It’s a loaded gun of magic and mystery and there needs to be a check as to whether it will be available to the public.


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