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‘Hey girl, see that thang, see that thang I’m gonna make you sing, All Night!’

I can’t help it, when ass is on the line you evolve.

Brynn is off her ass and I’m right there on it with the music. A smooth creepy groove. An escaping fume of her pubic sweat gives my body an awful little twitch but my every sense craves it. Embrace the cringe.

She takes a step away from Ed, teasing in her dance. He steps into her as she in sync steps back until he’s danced her onto the counter separating the room from the kitchen. She’s trapped. She smiles. Before he could initiate she lunges at his lips for her own good hard kiss. After a moment she breaks and peaks her head to the side at Cathleen standing by the balcony door, “Oh Cat can I have one,” and she slips from the inescapable trap. “I left mine in my room.” Brynn catches a camel cigarette, menthol, and lights up by the open door letting the smoke catch on the passing winds outside.

Lesbians. I just want to fuck already just to get it over with. But I give in to the fact that I can’t win right now. She’s in teasing mode.

“Here give me one and let’s just sit outside on the balcony.” I motion for a cigarette from Cathleen but she starts messing with her phone. She’s ignoring me or just didn’t hear so I snatch the cigarette from her lips to take as my own, breaking her from her disillusionment.”

“What the fuck Ed”

*** *** ***

The spiral stairway is partially cemented closed. Leaving large openings like windows to mark each floor and a view of Pinsky Court.

Take every second step instead of every one or third so you can keep the quick, choppy speed but the advantage of a decent stride.

I pass the third floor door when the fresh cop starts his ascent. I’m faster than these guys. They realize escape is possible.

*** *** ***

It’s been a minute or two since that call with Larry. I thought maybe we could see him come into the dorm grounds from here. Cathleen lights up and sits in one of our camping chairs.

The “Original” Church of God sits almost directly in front of my balcony view off campus. It’s ridiculous, don’t ask me why. A row of houses head down to the street corner at the student deli. And beyond this row is our beloved city barely awake. Sitting beneath a twilight not yet ready for sleep.

“Let’s just stay here tonight.” Brynn suggests.

“Why not.” I say.

“I mean let’s not go to the Void and just drink here.”

“Who said we were going to the Void?”

“Nobody now,” she smiles, “besides, when our friends get here we’ll have some real fun right!”

Girls, they’ll make dry babies with you one second and then insinuate fuckin around with the fresh meat coming in, it’s the only truth in beauty about them.

*** *** ***

Once through the fourth floor entrance there’s a two second stretch of hallway before a right down an open door-ed hallway heading for 4E but not before I knock down this fat ass obstacle with G-Unit jeans into the wall and out of my way. I can hear the cops deep in the stairwell when the door slams shut and I hit the turn. 4A, 4B, 4C,

*** *** ***

“Uh, yeah, I’m not sure how long we’ll even stay here.’ Cathleen sets her cigarette on the concrete ledge by our feet and heads inside, still rubbing her phone, “Mad dog in the fridge?”

“Mad Dog in the fridge,” I say with no allegiance to a specific tone.

“I’ll get the glasses,” and Brynn goes back into the living area. Their cigarettes on the ledge. I can hear from inside Cathleen say something about church when a loud crash busts my door open and the cause body slams into what sounds like my fridge. When I turn around I see an invisible force slam my door shut and then Cathleen, “aaaAAAHHH!”

*** *** ***

4D, and I thrust myself into 4E immediately meeting a sturdy, yellowing refrigerator tossing me to the floor quick enough for me to taste the door bouncing back. Some girl in the kitchen starts screaming just as I kick the door closed. Shaking myself from her hypnotizing yell I shoot to my feet and corner her against the counter top with my hand over her mouth muffling the scream until she stops. Squeezing her face in my hand tight so she knows I fucking mean it. Her eyes peek out over my fingers and lock onto mine, terrified.


*** *** ***


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“Eddie are you home?” His voice what shaky and breathy.

“Yeah pal, what are you doing?”

“Unlock your door I’ll be there in a minute…” Sirens blast in the background. And click…

Oh you dick I hope you’re not doing what I think you’re doing.

Ed goes into the kitchenette and cracks the door open. He grabs the bottle of Mad Dog and gets back to the girls waiting for the news.

“Good news, looks like our friend is only a couple minutes away so how about we drink to that eh girls, we’ll make this guy catch up.” This minute of excitement was just the spark needed to get their juices flowing. Though they would have liked any announcement if it were followed by the call for consumption of more alcohol.

“Oh and Arny too!” Brynn tells us and then starts telling me about this guy she’s been friends with all through high school was coming through town back to Atlanta and made a stop to see her. Apparently he showed up at her dorm building, called her, and she gave him directions to my place. “He’ll be here soon.”


Cathleen taps her now full glass on the coffee table and bounces it back to her mouth where she gulps down half.

“Gaddamn girl,” Brynn says as Cathleen lowers her glass. They both smile at each other and then Brynn taps her glass and follows suit as Cathleen cheers her on with laughter. There’s a little bit of tear coating Brynn’s eyelashes as she set her glass down letting out a couple small coughs.

“To Larry…” I tap my glass and chug half, “Mmhow about, some” I hurry over to Sam’s too old stereo and flip on the radio. Some bullshit rap pop girl singing bullshit, ‘Give me five seconds Imma bout to make a deposit, Damn yous a dirty boy you need to step out that closet,’ “music; egh what the fuck is this?”

“Yeah! Keep it there!” Brynn doesn’t hesitate to start weaving her body side to side. “Missy Yolanda; I’ve got the back seat drive baby back seat drive baby, you’ve got that front seat stride hunny that front meat ride.”

I look at her, and then at Cathleen bobbing her head.

“jesus christ,’ I quietly laugh to myself and bottoms up the rest of my drink.

“Aye! To music! Brynn makes her drink disappear.

“To, taste!” Cathleen pours the last half of the red grape wine down her throat.

I hope to hell she was talking about the Mad Dog.

‘Gimme five seconds gimme gimme five seconds…’

*** *** ***

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Goddammit Doster.

6:08 – Doster Green — Sorry man I can’t make it. I’m not even back in town yet.

Goddammit Doster.

Ed brings three glasses of Mad Dog into the living area of the apartment styled dorm. Cathleen and Brynn inspect the drinks like they’re wine connoisseurs. Neither one takes a sip before Cathleen speaks up, “Ed, your concoctions suck. Can’t you just give us one of something? Or at least let us decide what you mix.”

Get fucked Cathleen.

But Brynn takes a drink.

“Thank you Brynn. And it’s not one of my absolutely brilliant concoctions, it’s Mad Dog, the good red grape wine of course.” He gave the words Mad Dog a dry flair and let it settle on them but they don’t react. “It’s good, just drink it. Cheap wine with good alcohol. It’s what I’ve got so take it or leave it.”

Cathleen had already taken a couple sips while I talked and grimaced at me like she was casting a spell, a fuckin curse on me. “Stop exaggerating.”

“It tastes fine,” Brynn says and smiles. Holding her glass out for a small cheers and Ed clinks his against hers, returning the smile.

I’m pretty sure she’s already made her mind up about tasting my nuts tonight. I know I have. About her genitals.

This two seconds of lustful connection magnifies Cathleen’s missing date. The one I promised for Brynn’s friend but had canceled. I knew Brynn’s friend was a Cat, but she didn’t say it was Cathleen.

She stayed over New Year’s night, or morning. Just a good ole fashioned New Year’s party filled with drinking and flirting and who’s going to be your kiss? and you are and making out back to my room and she springs on me I’m a virgin. At first I thought she was going to let me be her first but she assured me she wasn’t ready. The most I got from her was some titty licking. Oh and she did rub on my cock, but only after I moved her hand there and even had to start the motion. After she fell asleep I went out and drove a couple nails into this Elizabeth chick. Business major you know? Me and Cathleen hadn’t really shown much interest in each other after that night when she woke up and I wasn’t there. She was gone by the time I came back later the next evening. It’s pretty easy to avoid someone when they’re trying to do the same to you. Or maybe I’m wrong considering we’re in the same room once again.

But back to the point, even if I knew, it’s hard to sell a virgin. Everyone I know just wants to get laid and then figure out later if we want to get to know you, and if we must get to know you we want to be rewarded with some ass. Telling your friend that the girl is a (resistant) virgin will likely back them so far up I might as well ask God himself. Find your own date bitch.

Coming back from Christmas break people apparently tend to come back as last minute as possible. At least they do here at UTC. Except for Brynn and Cathleen from Nashville. For some reason they say they prefer Chattanooga nights.

“No it doesn’t,” Cathleen says but continues drinking.

No drink should ever taste beautifully great. “No real drink should ever taste beautifully great. It’s the cringe in the drink that makes it a drink. If anything, the cringe is what makes it taste beautifully great. Embrace the cringe.”

“Not with wine.”
“Vodka!” Brynn squeaks out. “Vodka never has a, cringe problem.”
“That’s because you girls like to mix it with all kinds of shit. That’s all vodka is now is a base to mix shit with to get off easy.”

“Shit like this?” Cathleen starts looking at the drink like she thinks I might have slipped something in it.

I continue, “And if it were my choice it would have all been beer. But I don’t have a fake.” Neither did the girls so we had to settle. No parties in the vicinity and really not much to do. What was the plan anyway? The girls seemed content with just hanging out here.

After the last swig from her glass Brynn laughs and accuses, “How do you have twelve bottle of mad dog wine?”

“It’s what the guy used to pay me with from what he owed me.”

“What did he owe you for?”

“A bet.” Ed refills her glass and his own.

“A bet on what?”

“Miss America Pageant.”

She laughs, “Who did you bet on?”

“Miss Indiana.”

“I didn’t get to watch it, who won?”

“I won… Miss Indiana.”

“Ah,” her laughs catch up to the conversation, “and what was her name?”

But my laugh left her behind. “I don’t know.”

“Miss Indiana?”

“Why would I remember her name?”

She stops laughing but holds a grin, “You’re a pig aren’t you?”

“Only if I can eat your slop.”

“I think I’m going to go.” Cathleen calls my bluff that anyone is even coming. She apparently thinks I’m playing a joke on her. Good.

“No Cat let’s stay. Let’s drink. I don’t want to go now.”

“Yeah yeah my friend is only running late. He’s just getting back in town.”

“He’s not even in town yet?” Cathleen asks with the rhetoric of a bitch. Brynn’s phone starts to vibrate violently and she steps aside to answer it, “Arny! Hey!…”

“No. He’s not. But really where are you going to go? No one is here, you might as well chill and drink here instead of just hanging out by yourself.”

“I can go to the void.”

“Ah fuck the void no one’s there tonight. And they charge you double for being under twenty-one. Yeah, fuck that place.”

“And you think here is better than there?”

Ed’s phone begins ringing.

“Hold on here, here he is, see?” He holds his phone up to show the caller: Larry Felun.

He steps into the hallway separating the bedrooms, away from the living area.

“Larry please be my savior here and drink with me and these two girls I know you’ve got a girl but all you need to do is just help me entertain the friend. I’ve got Brynn here and she’s one head bob away from getting dick smacked and I think you’re my key for letting this happen you just got to chat up this, hey Larry… Larry…?

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