sickunderpressure (a novel in progress) following several students in a small part of the world desperately trying to find their place in the big picture. Larry, who can’t decide if life is more so a ride or something to be sought after. Ed, sex-obsessed and driven purely by instinct and self. Kasey/Daffy, an animal living amongst men. Doster, whom after years of resistance finally allows life to be…well be what it may be. Cathleen, the girl with the dominating demeanor who/but finds appeal on the the lighter side of life… They among others struggle to find identity in what they perceive to be an institution for higher learning or what Jimmy describes “…the government’s involvement in population control.” When paranoia takes over, as drugs and alcohol take to the scene, where friends become pawns and pawns become heroes, how murder and suicide seems to loom on campus, with money, beer pong, school books, tuition, kegs, lust and love, insanity and depression, tomorrow’s paper and yesterday’s test along with the world in the back of everyone’s head, it’s clear that in this institution there are no generalizations.

Sixers six word stories.

Tuesday News is a place for you as a casual reader and browser of the internet to stop for a moment and view the news you’re not being told, the conspiracies unseen, and a closeup view of Einstein’s eyes. We contribute to this site with the means to inform as well as entertain but most importantly invite you to the strangeness that happens around us everyday; some of us write with a specific purpose and others are purely experimental, some are ready to rant but we’re all ready to tell our good story.

HOME much of the larger pieces of content found in the other sections are first streamed through here as the main story. The place where you’ll see the articles presented in order of posting dates.


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